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Coca-Cola Uses CCTV to Urge Customers to View the World Differently

Coca-Cola Uses CCTV to Urge Customers to View the World Differently

Studies have shown that there is less crime present in areas that are being monitored by CCTV security surveillance cameras. In the last 25 years, they have become more cost effective and reliable, and everyone is getting their hands on the technology. Everyone from individuals to government officials and departments are using CCTV security surveillance technology to keep their assets safe and secure. They can be seen almost everywhere you go today: at gas stations, malls, stores, business officers, and more. But, thanks to a new commercial by Coca-Cola, people can now see CCTV security cameras a little differently.

It is amazing what can be caught on camera. Some very violent situations have been caught on camera and have been used in several criminal investigations and cases. However, in Coca-Cola’s newest commercial, we are shown several cameras that have captured many other types of moments. These clips are heartwarming and show people being good to one another in a very sweet montage.

In this new advertisement, it is Coca-Cola’s goal to urge viewers to “look at the world a little differently.” And with the help of CCTV security surveillance cameras, they have been able to do just that. The video features several lovely moments captured on CCTV security cameras, such as couples in a park, people helping to save others from a fire, and many other strong moments that speak volumes about how good people can be.

The commercial itself is set to Supertramp’s classic 1977 song “Give A Little Bit,” and features security camera footage taken from CCTV surveillance cameras all over the world. These random clips show people kissing, dancing, helping the homeless, saving others and, yes, sharing a Coke.

A representative from the Latin American branch of the Coca-Cola Company made a public statement about the ad, saying that it was made specifically to make people have those warm, fuzzy feelings all over.

“We want to remind people that acts of kindness and bravery are taking place around them all the time,” says Guido Rosales in a statement to the Media Bistro’s Agency Spy.

And though some viral ads get a bit corny, CBS’ William Goodman admits the clip was a “total feel-good video that actually had this blogger smiling.”

Still, while the ad has received more than 830,000 views on YouTube, not everyone is a fan of the marketing tactic.

“I thought this video was about how good the world is … until I realize [it’s] just Coca Cola using viral videos to market their company and make more money,” YouTube user eriky326 notes in the comments section.

Regardless, it is a good reminder of how important it is that you have an effective and efficient CCTV security surveillance system. With a camera system installed at your home and your business, you will be able to capture all kinds of moments, whether it is the kind of heartwarming clips seen in this video, or the moment someone tries to commit a crime. Either way, you will have plenty of documentation that no one can deny.

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