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CCTV Used to Record Daring Robbery

CCTV Used to Record Daring Robbery


As crime continues to be a problem, the police are always looking for more ways to catch criminals. Thankfully, many businesses and individuals have begun to rely on CCTV security surveillance technology to keep themselves safe and secure, and this technology also gives the police irrefutable evidence for the court of law and put criminals behind bars.

In this latest story, investigating police are currently examining CCTV security surveillance footage of an incredible robbery in which a gang of thugs used knives and meat cleavers to threaten cashiers in Melbourne, Australia. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the incident, but many people were left shaken and scared.

This robbery is the latest in a series of similar robberies that have been occurring in the Melbourne area over the last five weeks. Offenders Cash has been stolen in several areas in and around Port Melbourne, Maribyrnong, Newport and Vermont South. At this time, the investigating police are trying to determine if it is the same group of thugs that is responsible for all of the attacks.

Last night three men armed with knives and meat cleavers robbed cashiers at the express checkouts and liquor department of the Woolworths at the corner of Springfield and William roads, Blackburn North, about 6.45pm.

The men kept their faces covered throughout the entire ordeal, and made their escape from the scene by driving away in a hatchback. The vehicle was driven by a female accomplice. The vehicle used in the robbery had been reported stolen just two days before the robbery.

Senior Constable Rebekah Gunther said it had been a “terrifying ordeal” for the five staff involved.

Although no one had been directly threatened, she said they are very shaken up. She said the robbers were reported to have told staff to “just hurry up, go”.  She said they sounded “very Australian”.

She said there were some similarities with the recent attack and previous attacks.

She said there were two meat cleavers and a kitchen knife used in the robbery.

One of the offenders wore a bandanna, one a balaclava and another had a T-shirt across his face. They also wore hoodies.

There were about 10 customers in the store at the time of the robbery and witnesses said they had seen a woman driving the getaway car.

Police believe they have now recovered that car, a Silver Subaru, believed to have been stolen, and are now examining it.

The retailer has declined to release CCTV footage from inside to store to the media which she said would have assisted police with the investigation.

On June 16 five masked bandits used knives and meat cleavers to threaten and rob staff at a supermarket and bakery in Bay Street, Port Melbourne, in front of shocked mid-morning shoppers. Some customers filmed the offenders on their phones. The robbers fled the scene in a stolen sedan.

Two days later two men wearing hoodies and masks brandished meat cleavers and demanded cash from staff at a Coles supermarket in Vermont South at 11.20pm. Three days later two supermarkets in Melbourne’s west — one in Newport and one in Maribyrnong — were robbed within a 20-minute period at lunchtime.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the website

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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