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CCTV Proves Vital in Sex Offender Investigation

CCTV Proves Vital in Sex Offender Investigation

cctv-cop-chases-self.jpg In the small town of Bingley, England, investigating senior detectives have been probing into reports and witnesses to catch the perpetrator of a serious sex assault. The man believed to be responsible for the attack was captured on film by the town’s CCTV security surveillance system have released which the detectives are now referring to as a “vital piece of the jigsaw” leading them to the attacker.

The police believe the man is local to Bingley and may not have gotten too far after the crime. He was captured on camera by one of the town’s CCTV security surveillance cameras with his arm around the sexual assault victim. He is seen leading her past the town’s railway station shortly before she was subjected to the terrifying attack.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Morgan of the police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team says he does not believe that the suspect is a “serial sex offender,” meaning that he will likely not strike again. According to the Detective Chief Inspector, this criminal has still been on the loose since the woman reported her ordeal to police in the early hours of Sunday, March 18.

DCI Morgan said: “We have had a lot of witnesses to identify who were in the area at the time, some who do not live in the Bingley area. The priority for us has been getting a true picture of the sequence of events and that takes some time to do. The enquiries have led us to CCTV which shows this man walking off with our victim. It may be that this man has a plausible explanation about why he is with her or it may be that he has some information that can help. She was in the area of Foundry Hill and a man has approached her, having spoken to various other people. This would suggest that this man is possibly local and knows the Bingley night scene.”

The man struck up a conversation with the victim and walked with her into the railway station at about 2.20am before she walked out of the back entrance more than an hour later.

The woman then reported that she had been attacked to ambulance staff and the police.

DCI Morgan said: “It was not particularly busy but there were taxis about and people hanging about. We need to find out from this man why he was hanging around with her.

“He is a vital piece of the jigsaw.”

The detective said the woman, who is from Bingley, was being supported by her family and specially-trained police officers.

He added: “What we don’t want to do is cause a panic that a serial sex offender is on the loose. This is an isolated incident.”

Bingley Tory Councilor David Heseltine appealed for clubbers and pub-goers in Bingley town centre to be vigilant and urged the man to hand himself in.

Councilor Heseltine said: “These types of incidents are a concern but they are very, very rare, particularly in a place like Bingley but this will obviously have been very traumatic.

“It is imperative that this person is brought to justice. I would appeal to anybody who does know this man to get him to hand himself in.”

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