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CCTV Catches Serial Thief

CCTV Catches Serial Thief

cctv-honeyburn-lane.jpg In an unprecedented spree of burglary and theft, a burglar in west London was able to break into 30 homes in 30 days. That’s a different home every day for an entire month.

In an attempt to bring in this persistent and highly capable thief, the police have released several CCTV security surveillance images of the man. Early estimates have shown that he has stolen thousands of dollars worth of money, property, and jewelry. This chain burglar has robbed houses located in Hounslow, Ealing and Twickenham. The majority of the victimized households were owned by professionals who were gone at work during the day, leaving their home vulnerable to thefts.

Haven Green Court, a development with a mix of private and social housing, was targeted by the burglar between April 26 and May 2.

26 year old textile designer Noyemie Oundjian was in her third-floor apartment when the burglar broke in.

Miss Oundjian, a textile designer, said: “I was still sleeping and brother was in the kitchen. He heard someone ringing the bell. I heard a really loud bang. The burglar had smashed the door down. My brother ran out of the kitchen and saw the back of him as he ran away. He must have knocked the door down with one stomp – so I imagine he is a very strong man. He was a young, white guy in his thirties, wearing hoody. He was wearing gloves and very big boots, but he was on his own. We are all feeling really scared and shaken up. He must have just followed someone in. I can’t believe it happened to us on the third floor.”

Pensioner Betty Hall, 85, had gone shopping when the burglar raided her fourth-floor flat in Ealing.

The widowed great-grandmother, who has lived in the flat for 47 years, said: “He took everything that matters to me, everything that I have saved in this flat for the last 47 years of value, the things I was saving to give to my children, and grandchildren. He took my late husband’s wedding ring, my mother’s and aunt’s engagement rings, gold chains and pearl necklaces. He even took a gold enameled locket that my children’s nurse gave me. Everything was strewn around when I got in. It was very upsetting. When I thing about it now, I want to cry. The burglar left a big boot print on my door.”

The burglar is a white man in his mid to late 30s and of slim or medium build. It is believed he uses the mainline trains or tube to travel to his targets.

DC Graham Offield, from Hounslow borough, said: “A burglar will select homes that present the best opportunity for their crime to go undetected and with the fewest obstacles in their way.

“Don’t let your home become a target. Protect your home by taking simple steps such as using timers to turn lights and radios on, fitting alarms, making sure your home is properly locked and by keeping valuables out of view.”

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AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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