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CCTV Catches Serial Groper

CCTV Catches Serial Groper

cctv-honeyburn-lane.jpg In the UK, a young man has been arrested with the help of CCTV security surveillance cameras. His crime? He is what’s called a serial groper, one who tries to group several people during an event. One of his attacks left a young woman so mortified; she says she no longer feels safe stepping out at night.

26 year old Shane Hobbs was captured on CCTV security surveillance cameras walking around and laughing as he left his disturbed victim. Cameras followed Hobbs as he drunkenly walked around and attempted to grope several women who were just trying to enjoy a night out on the town around Exeter city.

Upon the trial, the Exeter Crown Court was told that the young victim, a student at Exeter City University, was so deeply disturbed by the attack that she is now afraid to leave her home at night. Hobbs was sentenced to a 16 month prison sentence this past February after admitting to the charges of sexual misconduct.

Judge Phillip Wassall, the judge presiding over the trial, released a comment about the defendant, saying that the charges were so serious that he felt only immediate action and punishment were appropriate.

He also released his comments to the defendant to the public. In court, Judge Wassall said the following: ‘You approached two Exeter University students, who were both Chinese, and out for a quiet night in Exeter. You got right in her face and your hand went down her back. You touched her bottom and you reached inwards and put your hand into the area of her private parts. The victim says she was caused shock and a small amount of pain for five minutes. This was plainly not touching in an instant and although it was over in ten seconds or so it was a very serious incident carried out quite deliberately in your drunken state. It left her very frightened and unwilling to go out because she wondered if something like it could happen again. It must have been particularly distressing because she was so far away from home and had come here from different shores. It did not end there. You approached another group of girls and got one around the neck and tried to drag her to the ground. You slipped off her and allowed her to walk on. I regard the sexual assault in drink against a complete stranger as being very serious.”

Mr. Alex Allsop, prosecuting, showed the judge the CCTV footage taken at 8.30 pm at night which showed the first assault outside the Tesco Metro in Queen Street.

Hobbs had already lurched at one woman and he then held out his arms to stop the victim and her friend before putting an arm around her and moving to her bottom.

The CCTV then followed him as he walked onto High Street and accosted two more women, talking to them as he walked with them and then hurling an arm around the shoulders of one of them.

They both staggered for a few moments and she pulled herself away from him and hurried off while he wandered around before falling over and lying in the middle of the road.

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AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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