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CCTV Catches Knife Robber

CCTV Catches Knife Robber

cctv-cop-chases-self.jpg Thanks to the latest and greatest in CCTV security surveillance technology, police and law enforcement officials now have undeniable evidence and a way to find a man who robbed a convenience store at knife point. The man was wearing a mask, but CCTV was still able to capture his body type and it’s only a matter of time before this thug is caught.

It can be clearly seen on the video the moment when the robber comes into the store with his knife and robs the store. The clerk was understandably terrified.

In an interview, the store clerk retold his terrifying ordeal. He says the robber threatened him with a six-inch long blade. He could have been killed in the incident and considers himself lucky to be alive.

In the interview, the 30 year old shop worker preferred not to be named. But here is his retelling of events: “He had a six-inch blade very close to me. I was a bit scared. He didn’t say much, he just asked for me to open the till. We’ve never had a problem like this before. There were some local guys who chased after him.”

Some investigators believe that the robber spent several minutes loitering outside the store before deciding to go into the store with his knife and rob the place. He went behind the counter with his knife at the ready and demanded the store worker open the till. Once the employee opened the till, the robber began grabbing handfuls of cash and money before fleeing the scene down Lytham Road.

However, four brave shop workers and customers decided that the robber’s getaway shouldn’t be that easy. They chased the robber down the street for several minutes. The robber, who struck at around 11.35pm on Friday, ran onto Bloomfield Road and then on to Seasiders car park, where he managed to lose the group who were chasing him in nearby alleys.

Police have now released CCTV images from the incident and are appealing for anyone with information to contact them.

Detective Con Gary Armour, from Blackpool CID, said: “This is a serious offence which must have been terrifying for both staff and customers who were brave enough to challenge the man and give chase to him. The man went behind the counter brandishing a knife. The shop worker ran from the area and the offender attempted to enter the cash box but failed to do so. He removed cash from the till and left the shop chased by workers and members of the public. I’d urge people to take a close look at the CCTV images and if anyone thinks they recognize the man or has any information that could assist with our investigation I’d urge them to contact police as this man needs to be brought to justice.”

The man is thought to be aged around 24 or 25. He is around 5ft 11ins tall and was wearing a black coat with a balaclava over his face and orange gloves.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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