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CCTV Catches Bike Theft

CCTV Catches Bike Theft

bike-thief.jpg In the United Kingdom, there has been a string of bicycle thefts plaguing the populace. Many of these thefts have occurred in the area of the Twyford and Wokingham railway stations. In response to the situation, and as part of their investigation, the investigating police have released an image of a man they would like to speak in relation to these thefts. They believe this man is directly related to these crimes. The image was captured by a CCTV security surveillance camera posted nearby, and serves as a crucial piece of evidence for this investigation.

Several officers from British Transport Police are investigating the string of thefts, which have totaled eight so far since October of last year. That is eight people who have to walk around town instead of relying on their bikes.

The man captured by the CCTV security surveillance camera was seen at the Twyford station on Wednesday, February 1. On that day, a Brown specialized mountain bike was stolen between 5.40am and 5.30pm. In spite of the many hundreds of people who frequent these railway stations this particular man is very suspicious, because later that same day, that same man can be seen at the Wokingham station. It was at the Wokingham station on that day that a silver Trek mountain bike with a child’s seat on the cross bar was stolen. That bike went missing between 7.20am and 6.30pm.

The bike thefts have both preceded and have continued after these two thefts. Two bikes were also stolen at the Maidenhead station in a similar manner, and yet another bike was stolen from the Windsor. And even more bikes were stolen from stations in Bedfordshire and Hertforshire.

In every theft, it appears that this man takes the bikes while they are parked directly from the cycle racks; in Bedford, however, this man stole a child’s cycle trailer.

In response to all of these thefts and a lack of hard evidence, the investigating police have released the CCTV images of this man at the scene of the crimes.

Investigating Officer PC Robbie Singh released the following statement in relation to this case: “We’ve made local enquiries into these incidents and, after viewing CCTV, we want to speak to this man, who was seen at the stations each time a cycle was stolen. We’ve followed up numerous leads and circulated the images on police intelligence systems as well as in the local media in a bid to identify this man, but to no avail so far. If you think you can name this man, or are the man himself, we want to hear from you. Unfortunately cycles are a popular target for thieves but there are several steps people can take to ensure their bikes are adequately marked and secured to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bike theft. The best thing to remember is to register your bike and also to ensure a solid lock is used to secure it. If a bike is adequately marked, it makes it much easier to identify and therefore reduces its desirability to thieves.”

PC Singh urged passengers to report any suspicious behavior to staff or police.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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