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CCTV Catches Attempt Kidnapper

CCTV Catches Attempt Kidnapper

cctv-attempt-kidnapping.jpgMore drama captured on film for the world to see thanks to CCTV security surveillance equipment. Without this well placed camera system, this unspeakable crime attempt may have gone unseen. This stunning CCTV footage captured the very dramatic moment a convicted killer attempted to kidnap a young girl from a Wal-Mart store. Had it not been for the young girl’s quick thinking, who knows what may have happened to her?

Seven year old Brittany Baxter was grabbed by the dangerous man at the store in Bremen, Georgia, USA, on Wednesday. The recorded footage clearly shows the man lifting up the young girl and trying to carry her out of the store through the aisles. Luckily, the young girl is an excellent listener and grabbed on to every word that was told to her about stranger danger in her school.

When interviewed about the incident, young Brittany said “I was looking at princess and fairy stuff. I tried to kick as hard as I could. You try to get away and tell somebody you trust.”

Brittany’s mother Georgeann Baxter added: “She said that a man had tried to kidnap her. He had picked her up his hand over her mouth, but she was kicking and screaming. He then dropped her and ran out.”

Local police and investigators immediately examined the store’s CCTV footage, where they say the man as he attempted to kidnap the young girl. They were able to recognize his face clearly. Then, as another way to identify him, the CCTV security surveillance footage was even able to identify the numbers of his license plate as he drove away.

Thomas A Woods was already on parole for the crime of voluntary manslaughter when this attempted kidnapping was recorded. Now, in addition to breaking his parole, he faces the crime of attempted kidnapping. At this point it remains unclear what his intentions were when he tried to kidnap young Brittany, but regardless, he will be put back in jail for a long time.

Upon being taken to jail, the 25 year old continuously and adamantly denied the kidnapping charge, but CCTV security surveillance footage does not lie. Everyone saw the video footage of the attempt, and the license plate number was recorded. There is no point in denying what everyone can plainly see.

In response to the incident, Bremen police chief Keith Pesnell released the following statement about the CCTV security surveillance footage: “It’s chilling to know how quick something can happen. It actually sent chills up me when I saw that.”

While the footage may be chilling to view, there is still a sense of relief that the footage is there for viewing. If the cameras had not been there and this man escaped, who knows what may have happened next? Sure, he failed in this kidnapping, but that is only more incentive to try again later. That is why it’s so important for you to keep yourself and your assets as safe and secure as possible. Utilizing CCTV security surveillance is a big step towards achieving that goal.

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