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CCTV Captures Deadly Car Crash

CCTV Captures Deadly Car Crash

cctv-honeyburn-lane.jpg In Ireland, CCTV security surveillance technology is being used to piece together the events of a horrible car accident. As a result of the accident, a 16 month old child and the boy’s unborn baby sister were killed. It is a tragedy that has the entire Irish nation weeping. And now, thanks to CCTV security surveillance footage, investigators are able to piece together exactly what happen and make sure that the people at fault face justice.

According to investigators, the CCTV security surveillance footage holds the key to explaining exactly what happened in the car accident that caused the death of a 16 month old boy and his unborn sister.

16 month old Oisin Twomey and his unborn sister, Elber Marie, were the true victims of the horrendous car accident. They were in a Volkswagen Golf driven by their parents, 39 year old Con and 36 year old Elber Twomey on July 6th. They were involved in a head on collision that costed them their lives.

According to reports, parents Con and Elber are still severely injured and fighting for their lives in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

A coroner’s inquest today set to allow the Twomey family to bring Oisin and Elber Marie’s remains back to Ireland. The coroner’s inquest will contain some details about the cause of death as a result from the car accident, and will then be turned over to the police so that they may continue their investigation.

It will also deal with the third fatality from the tragedy, Polish taxi driver 20 year old Marek Wojciechowski.

The coroner will be able to issue an interim death certificate which will allow Oisin’s body to be returned to Cork.

Oisin’s remains will be brought back to Meelin alongside those of his sister, Elber Marie, who was due to have been delivered in December.

Elber Marie did not survive emergency surgery to save her.

Funeral arrangements will only be confirmed in light of an update on the medical condition of Con and Elber.

The tragedy occurred when the Twomey’s car was struck by a Vauxhall Vectra being driven by Mr. Wojciechowski.

The Vectra apparently veered directly at high speed into the path of the Twomey’s Golf.

CCTV security camera footage is now believed to be central to explaining the circumstances of the accident and the manner of Mr. Wojciechowski’s driving in the minutes before the collision.

While the crash itself was not caught on camera, footage from business premises in Torquay and leading to Hamelin Way, where the collision occurred, is being studied.

It is hoped this will determine the speed of the Vectra – and whether Mr. Wojciechowski’s driving was erratic.

It is also expected to confirm that Devon police were not in pursuit of the vehicle at the time.

Devon police are hoping to speak with people travelling on Hamelin Way at the time.

Three probes are now under way into the collision including inquiries by Devon police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Plymouth coroner.

Devon police confirmed they were looking for Mr. Wojciechowski after a friend had raised concerns about his welfare. 

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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