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CCTV Cameras Catch Canadian Killer

CCTV Cameras Catch Canadian Killer

cctv-honeyburn-lane.jpg In the recent news story of the Canadian adult film actor who was convicted of violently killing his lover, man questions have been asked. The actor fled the country to avoid prosecution, but he has now been caught in Germany and is facing charges. And the moment he was caught by police was captured by CCTV security surveillance cameras.

It can be clearly seen on the CCTV footage, the moment that 29 year old actor Luka Rocco Magnotta casually walks into a café in Berlin, Germany, before being captured by police. Police became aware of his presence thanks to an employee who recognized him. Seven police officers can then be seen filing into the café and placing Magnotta under arrest, with Magnotta only saying “You got me”. It is believed that Magnotta murdered and dismembered his lover. Various body parts were found near Magnotta’s home in Canada. The arrest warrant for Magnotta was released by Interpol.

A Berlin police spokesperson said: “A witness called the Berlin police and told that he saw Mr Magnotta in Berlin in the district of Neukoelln. So we sent a police car with seven uniformed police to the spot. They talked to the individual and said they want to see identity. He tried to give them a false name but the police insisted so he said, ‘You’ve got me,’ and we arrested him.”

Kadir Anlayisli, the Berlin internet cafe employee who recognized Magnotta, said that Magnotta was actually reading stories about himself on the internet at the time he called the police and Magnotta was arrested.

“He came in with glasses on, he took his glasses off and talked to me in French,” the cafe worker said. I looked at him and thought I knew him from somewhere because I read newspapers every day. I was perplexed and thought I should look at him again, and when I watched him, he was checking the same web page that I had just checked.”

Mr Anlayisli said he went outside and flagged down a passing police car. Canadian authorities said they were working on documents needed to secure Magnotta’s extradition from Germany. The manhunt started in Montreal and shifted to Paris before finally ending in Berlin. French authorities had been tracking Magnotta since he boarded a France-bound plane on May 26 in Montreal.

With the help of Magnotta’s mobile phone signal, police traced him to a hotel in the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet, which they visited on Saturday on a tip-off from a witness. But Magnotta had left his hotel room, where police found items such as pornographic magazines.A French police source said that Magnotta had left France on Thursday on a bus for Germany.

Magnotta has a history of trying to disappear. In addition to having had plastic surgery on his face – apparently to look more like James Dean – he often wore lipstick and make-up, dyed his hair and wore wigs. Described as handsome and narcissistic, Magnotta, who naturally has black hair and blue eyes, has also changed his name and used several aliases.

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AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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