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Category:Hidden Cameras


24-7 Monitoring Returns to Stratford

It’s no secret that in several towns and cities in the United Kingdom is one of the best CCTV security surveillance systems in the world. There is hardly a street corner or alley way that does not have a CCTV security surveillance camera capturing...

Posted On November 04, 2014 By  in Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cam Catches Robbery Suspects

 It is amazing to see how far hidden camera technology has come in the last several years. Now, many hidden cameras can record into themselves and placed anywhere you can think of to record activity. Some of the things caught on cameras have been very surprising to...

Posted On July 16, 2012 By  in Hidden Cameras

Hidden Camera Proves Innocence

 If used correctly, hidden cameras can be used to find secrets and confessions. They are a popular tool with law enforcement and private investigators. The latest example comes from a football star who was falsely accused of rape and sentenced to jail. Now, thanks to a hidden...

Posted On June 11, 2012 By  in Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cam Exposes Doctor with No License

  Hidden cameras have become very popular tools for investigative reporters. They’re small, covert, easy to use, and collect all the information you need. Recently, a reported used a hidden camera from us to collect evidence that a doctor was practicing without a license, which is illegal. Located...

Posted On May 23, 2012 By  in Hidden Cameras
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