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Black Hat Hacker Conference Reveals New Hacks

The Black Hat hacker conference is a yearly event that takes place in Las Vegas in which several hackers come together and congregate. This year’s conference just finished wrapping up, and a lot of startling new revelations came to light. During the presentation, several electronics devices were hacked...

Posted On July 31, 2012 By  in Hacking, Uncategorized

Cyber War Between the US and China Looms

Is there a cyber war between the US and China going on right now? How does it affect you? With the presidential election right around the corner, it looks like the candidates will have a new kind of threat to handle: the threat of a cyber war between the...

Posted On July 30, 2012 By  in Hacking

Samsung Targeted by Corporate Spies

 Can anyone really be the victim of spying, or is it just a piece of fiction thought up by some very creative writers? As it turns out, in today’s reality, anyone can be a victim of spying, from a common individual to a corporate giant. In...

Posted On July 19, 2012 By  in Hacking

List of Hack Attacks Used by Hackers Today

 Hack attacks have been happening more and more all around the world, with many of the world’s governments, businesses, and individuals all being targeted for attack. Much information has been stolen and put on display, and many people have been embarrassed. But now, the US government...

Posted On July 13, 2012 By  in Hacking, Illegal

Hidden Camera Unveils Street Violence

 In Louisville, Kentucky, the West End is home to a lot of violence and crime. However, no one seems able to tell exactly what the root of the problem is. A recent hidden camera report tried to get to the bottom of the situation. Some of the incidences...

Posted On July 09, 2012 By  in Hacking

Malware Program Means Big Problems for Computer Users

 The internet is full of hazards and dangers that can have a permanent or highly damaging effect on the capacity of your computer. In some cases, the internet can be used to hack into people’s personal or financial accounts and steal everything about that person. Thankfully, most...

Posted On July 06, 2012 By  in Hacking

Mitt Romney’s Email Hacked

It seems like no one is outside the scope of a hack attack. As the political world is heating with this year’s upcoming election, some of the candidates may find themselves in technological peril. At this time, the news has hit the stands that Republican presidential candidate...

Posted On June 20, 2012 By  in Hacking
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