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A GPS Shoe To Track Alzheimer’s Patients

There are currently 5.2 million Americans with Alzheimer's, but that number is expected to balloon, with one out of eight baby boomers (10 million people) developing the disease in the coming years. Alzheimer's is incurable--though there are plenty of research initiatives trying to change that--but...

Posted On November 14, 2014 By  in GPS

Safer, smarter parenting

Parenting involves time, care, lots of love, and sometimes even a little ingenuity here and there. It also involves a community; as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Here, we found an article about the local police and their suggestion...

Posted On September 20, 2013 By  in GPS, Uncategorized

Man Uses GPS Tracker to Stalk Ex

GPS tracking technology has grown and evolved in recent years. It was once that only military personnel had access to tracking technology, but now anyone can go into any surveillance store and buy them at any budget. In this case, that’s exactly what this old...

Posted On August 29, 2012 By  in GPS, Illegal

GPS Used to Monitor Government Employees

Posted on 22nd Aug 2012 @ 12:22 PM GPS Tracking technology continues to become more advanced, and as it does so, the uses for them continue to expand. In this story, a government agency uses GPS trackers to track their employees’ whereabouts, and the data is a...

Posted On August 22, 2012 By  in GPS, Illegal

Fatal Flaw Found in UAVs

  Unmanned aerial aircraft is one of the latest and greatest achievements in recent military technology history. These drone planes remove the pilot from the danger of the battlefield and are highly recommended and used for reconnaissance missions that are too dangerous for manned planes. As...

Posted On June 26, 2012 By  in GPS

New Software for Protecting Tablets, Smart Phones

Since technology has become so integrated in our lives, the loss an important piece of technology, like your phone or computer, can be very troublesome. If you have all of your corporate files saved on your computer or all of your important contacts on your...

Posted On May 02, 2012 By  in GPS

ACLU Releases info, says Cops Tracking Phones

The debate continues: Should law enforcement be allowed to monitor cell phones? On one hand, tracking a cell phone would give law enforcement access to all kinds of information that may otherwise take weeks or months to discover. On the other hand, it sets a dangerous precedent...

Posted On April 05, 2012 By  in GPS
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