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Are Car Computers Vulnerable too?

Posted on 22nd Aug 2012 @ 11:51 AM Computers are everywhere nowadays. They have become almost completely integrated into every aspect of our everyday lives. They have even been installed into many new cars to assist drivers in many ways. But is this new advancement in...

Posted On August 22, 2012 By  in Eavesdropping, Illegal

iPhone Vulnerability Revealed

Posted on 22nd Aug 2012 @ 10:39 AM It seems like with every day that goes by, a new kind of hack attack reveals itself to the world. Int his case, a security researcher has found another big vulnerability in your Apple iPhone. Text messaging is nothing new. We...

Posted On August 22, 2012 By  in Eavesdropping

Swedish Police Given More Leeway to Eavesdrop

 The issue of law enforcement’s perceived power to eavesdrop on their suspects has come under fire in recent years. Many people feel that law enforcement should not have the power to eavesdrop and listen in on people as they go through their normal conversations on the phone....

Posted On May 11, 2012 By  in Eavesdropping

FBI Looks to Monitor Communications

 In a world where communications technology is always growing and evolving, many law enforcement agencies at every level of government have been looking for ways to monitor communications. They believe that by monitoring communications, they will be able to find criminals and terrorists before the crime...

Posted On May 07, 2012 By  in Bugged, Eavesdropping
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