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US Military Creating Bug Drones

 There aren't many people in the world who are big fans of bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, roaches, no one really likes bugs. But it’s one thing not to like bugs, and another thing entirely to have to be afraid of them because you don’t know if they’re recording your...

Posted On June 28, 2012 By  in Bugged

Saints’ Manager Loomis Accused of Bugging

 In the sports world, it is important to all persons involved that they find some kind of leading edge over the competition. Whether it is football, basketball, boxing, or any other of a wide variety of sports, people are always looking for the tactical advantage....

Posted On May 07, 2012 By  in Bugged

FBI Looks to Monitor Communications

 In a world where communications technology is always growing and evolving, many law enforcement agencies at every level of government have been looking for ways to monitor communications. They believe that by monitoring communications, they will be able to find criminals and terrorists before the crime...

Posted On May 07, 2012 By  in Bugged, Eavesdropping

NSA to Begin Monitoring All Digital Activity

 The small town of Bluffdale, Utah, is home to the largest polygamy community in the United States. Polygamists traveled to the area over 160 years ago, and settled in the center of a bowl of small peaks and hills. There is a chapel, a school,...

Posted On April 02, 2012 By  in Bugged

Bugs in the Sudan

 Bugging and eavesdropping are not isolated to a select group of people; anyone anywhere can get their hands on a bugging device and use it against someone else. And this does not happen only in America, either. In the Sudan, it has been revealed that intelligence...

Posted On March 08, 2012 By  in Bugged
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