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Bugging Devices Found in India Defense Minister’s Office

Bugging Devices Found in India Defense Minister’s Office

india-defense-minister.jpg Bugs and hidden cameras can be used to find confidential information that may have otherwise remained unknown. That is why many spies and enemies will try to use them to their advantage. They will go to great lengths to discover your secrets. In government, many officials are also the target of these kinds of covert offenses. In India, Defense Minister AK Antony discovered this fact the hard way. According to a report released last Friday, his office is said to have been bugged. Who knows what kinds of secrets may have been stolen from this latest bugging incident? The bugging was first discovered on February 16. After the discovery, Defense Secretary Shashikant Sharma immediately began meeting with the Intelligence Bureau to find out more.

According to the official report, officials and security experts working for the Military Intelligence detected a bugging device during a routine sweep of the area. They usedhand held devices, which led to the detection of a bug in Antony’s office. Upon their discovery, the Military Intelligence personnel were immediately asked to vacate the premises by the Defense Ministry security.

The Home Ministry was alerted to the incident as officials from the Intelligence Bureau were called in to conduct their own investigation. The Intelligence Bureau was ordered to give a high level bug sweep of the entire area. There is still no confirmation on what they have discovered, nor is there any kind of conclusive evidence that could help determine who was behind the installation of the bugging device.

This bugging device incident is about more than just the potential theft of secrets from the various ministries. According to various insiders, this incident also demonstrates the growing sentiment of mistrust between the government and the Army in India. In India, the Army is not allowed to tap into phones directly, but they do have a low level form of cell phone surveillance available.

Antony’s office was swept thoroughly by members of the Intelligence Bureau.  However, nothing yet has been found. As a result of the incident, the office has been placed in a special protection zone until it can be confirmed that is safe to operate in that room as normal.

As mentioned before, this incident represents the growing distrust between the Defense Ministry and the Army. For example, the job of sweeping the office was given to the Intelligence Bureau; however, it is the kind of job that would normally go to the Military Intelligence. And the Army has dismissed any and all reports of involvement in the bugging.

This is not the firsat time something like this has happened in India’s government. In June 2011, it was discovered that Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s office was also bugged. Mukherjee had spoken about discovery of at least 16 identical adhesive like gum sticks from key rooms of the Finance Ministry.

Three of these adhesive sticks were even found under Pranab Mukherjee’s own table. Four such gum sticks were found in two conference halls. Similar gum sticks were also found in the offices of his Officer on Special Duty Omita Paul and Personal Secretary Manoj Pant. There were imprints of bug like devices on these gum sticks as well.

The bugs were allegedly removed leaving imprints on the gum, a discovery first made by a private detective agency called in by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Experts say since there are no jammers in place, wireless bugs can easily be placed in any ministry.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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