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Bugging Device Found in Regional Jail Authority Office

Bugging Device Found in Regional Jail Authority Office

Posted on 13th Aug 2012 @ 11:50 AM

spy-cam-for-blog.jpgWhy would someone what to place a bugging device in a Regional Jail Authority office? Read this story to find out.

The FBI has just started an investigation into the discovery of a bugging device discovered in the office of the Regional Jail Authority’s chief of operations. A legislator disclosed on Friday that the device was discovered in an air duct, and is getting tons of FBI attention.

This incident first came to light when Delegate Dave Perry, D-Fayette, had a conversation with Regional Jail Authority Director Joe DeLong if he was aware of any kind of investigation, whether internal or external, going on with the Regional Jail Authority. The office being bugged belonged to John Lopez, and when asked about it, DeLong told the Oversight Committee on Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority that had had no idea if there was any kind of investigation going on with the Regional Jail Authority.

Perry did not mention any kind of bugging device during his questioning, nor did he mention Lopez or his office. According to Perry, Lopez discovered the device in his office on July 12th after noticing some residue from the ceiling on the floor.

“It was up overhead, and it had both audio and visual, in an air duct,” said Perry about the bugging device.

According to Perry, his legislative committee would not be performing their own investigation of the matter, but instead would allow the FBI investigation to run its course and see what the results are.

“He (Lopez) turned it over to Charleston Police and they turned it over to the FBI in Huntington,” Perry said.

“I understand they have interviewed some people.”

Routinely, the FBI never confirms or denies when it is actively investigating anything when media inquiries are made.

“I have not authorized any official investigations or done anything through the RJA’s normal policies or procedures of which we were conducting an investigation,” DeLong said.

“Beyond that, anything that would be done that I would have knowledge about from a law enforcement arena or from an outside agency or anything of that, I would not be able to comment on. Not only do I have no knowledge, I can guarantee you that there was no official investigation sanctioned by me that follows RJA’s policies and procedures for investigations.”

DeLong emphasized that if any bugging device was planted, he didn’t order it done.

“There was no official investigation or anything ordered or sanctioned by me here at the RJA,” he said.

“Anything that was done outside of that or that would involve law enforcement agencies or anything of that nature, if I ever had information on anything like that in my perspective, I wouldn’t be able to comment on it.”

Lopez declined to discuss the matter, referring a reporter to his attorney, Paul Stroebel, who didn’t return calls placed to his law office.

But Perry said he personally viewed an intent to sue document that Stroebel filed with the attorney general’s office, and because of the official notification, the office of Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is aware of it.

Perry said both DeLong and Lopez have applied to become the agency’s full-time director.

In his lengthy tenure with the RJA, he said, Lopez has achieved “an impeccable record” in state government.

“Almost like Watergate,” Perry added, characterizing the alleged bugging incident, but again emphasized his committee, when meeting Monday, will not pursue it.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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