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Brockton, Mass. Mall Uses CCTV to Catch Thief

Brockton, Mass. Mall Uses CCTV to Catch Thief

cctv-honeyburn-lane.jpg In Brockton, Massachusetts, the South Shore Plaza shopping area is yet another example of someone utilizing the latest and greatest in CCTV security surveillance technology. A petty thief in South Shore Plaza broke into a car to try and steal whatever good he could find. This is a small crime that happens far too often. However, thanks to the CCTV security surveillance camera located in the parking lot, police and investigators were able to easily identify the suspect and arrest him with criminal charges.

20 year old Daquan Ildefonso has been charged with breaking and entering, receiving stolen property under $250, and two counts of receiving stolen property over $250. In addition to this, Ildefonso already had an outstanding warrant against him, which only adds to his criminal charges and the severity of the punishment for his crimes.

According to the statement released by Braintree Deputy Police Chief Russell Jenkins, the breaking and entering into the car occurred on March 6th right in front of the Target located at `South Shore Plaza.

The victim, a Gloucester man, had parked his car outside of the store while he did his shopping. However, he seemed to have accidentally left the doors to his car unlocked. When he returned 5 minutes later, the victim discovered that his vehicle had been entered by someone else. Upon inspection, he noticed that some loose change and the GPS device for his care were missing.

In Jenkins’ official disclosure of the incident, he said: “Target maintains video surveillance of a portion of their parking lot, and a review of the video showed a bright red sedan, occupied by at least two individuals, park next to the victim’s vehicle. The video showed one of the occupants exit the vehicle, enter the victim’s vehicle and remove some items.”

Jenkins also said that while police officer Matthew Heslam was performing his inspection of the victim’s vehicle, fellow police officer Matthew Crowley located the vehicle belonging to the suspect parked nearby to the victim’s car. Crowley was able to stop the vehicle and apprehend the suspect as he was trying to leave the South Shore Plaza area.

Upon stopping the vehicle, Crowley performed a search and was able to uncover the stolen GPS device of the victim. Additionally, Crowley discovered stolen clothing from J. Crew, The Children’s Place and Victoria’s Secret, according to Jenkins. One estimate says that the stolen clothing was worth over $850. Officer Crowley also discovered a few “booster” bags that are designed specifically to defeat the theft sensors that go off whenever someone tries to walk out with an unpaid item.

When officers arrested Ildefonso, Jenkins said, they discovered stolen clothing from Victoria’s Secret hidden in his jeans. The two women who were in the car with Ildefonso, ages 22 and 30, will be issued summonses to appear in court on two charges of possession of stolen property over $250 and one count of possession of stolen property $250 or less, Jenkins said. Their names were not released because they had not been charged.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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