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Bombing Near Israeli Embassy

Bombing Near Israeli Embassy

israeli-embassy.jpg In New Delhi, India, the local police force are recuperating and investigating what was a very deadly situation today. A car bomb went off nearby the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, resulting in damage and a few casualties. Police investigators are currently compiling the CCTV security surveillance footage from a wide area surrounding the blast site, including along the route from Khan Market to the Aurangzeb Road crossing where the terror attack took place yesterday. The target was an Israeli diplomat and his wife.

Delhi Police Commissioner B.K. Gupta released a statement on Tuesday morning which stated that the police investigators are examining the CCTV security surveillance footage along the route taken by the Toyota Innova, the Israeli Embassy’s vehicle, from the Khan Market to the area in which the blast happened.

Tal Yehoshua Koren, a regular employee working at the embassy, was on a lunch date with her husband. Her husband is the defense attaché for Israel, and they were enjoying themselves at the Khan Market. They took Aurangzeb Road to get back to the embassy after their lunch date, where the husband entered the building and Koren departed from the area, this time to pick up the couple’s young children from the American Embassy School.

While Koren was waiting patiently at the red light, the terrorist quickly ran up to a car and attached a sophisticated magnetized explosive on the rear of the vehicle. The bomb then exploded. As a result of the explosion, Koren suffered multiple shrapnel wounds. She was immediately rushed to the Intensive Care Unit at Primus Hospital in the diplomatic enclave, where doctors operated on her and where able to remove the shrapnel. Koren is presently in stable condition and is recovering smoothly.

According to Gupta, the investigating police have asked all the residential buildings and government offices along the route Koren took to give their CCTV security surveillance footage to the police in an effort to bring this dangerous terrorist to justice.

After studying a portion of the CCTV security surveillance footage, collected from a few of the buildings on Aurangzeb Road, the police were able to find the basis to make five arrests for the investigation. However, after some questioning regarding the incident, the five detainees were released.

In addition to those five, the investigating police also detained a biker seen on the footage, but he too has released after some questioning, according to Gupta. The police chief said that Gopal Krishnan is a key eyewitness to the investigation, as he may have some key information and accounts related to the incident. Krishnan was the driver directly behind Koren and her Israeli embassy car.

According to the statement released by Krishnan, Gupta said the Innova car was situated around 30 feet behind the red light.

“A biker reached near the car and sped away within a second after attaching something to the rear side of the car. Then an explosion took place,” said Krishnan in his statement to police.

He said he did not see the biker properly.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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