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Anonymous Protests in India, Claims to Hack Government Sites

Anonymous Protests in India, Claims to Hack Government Sites

anon-hacking.jpg The hacker group known as Anonymous continues to make headlines all over the world today. There are members of Anonymous located globally, and they have struck in countries such as the United States, India, Russia, and more. General Keith Alexander of the National Security Agency says that it is only a matter of time before Anonymous will be able to hack into power grids and control the distribution of electricity.

This latest story of Anonymous comes to you from India. There, members of Anonymous are protesting the decision by the government of the southern city of Chennai to force 15 different internet service providers to block file sharing websites such as PirateBay. File sharing sites are websites that users can use to download pirated movies, music, and other copyrighted media without having to pay for it.

This decision made by the government of Chennai follows several other governments that have been trying to take down file sharing sites such as and Anonymous began their protest in India by attacking the website for MTNL, a telecommunications company that is funded by the Indian government. The group pasted their logo onto the site, which is a mask of 17th century revolutionary figure Guy Fawkes.

The Computer Emergency Response Team is India’s law enforcement agency that specializes in counterattacking hackings and computer crashes. After a brief investigation, the Computer Emergency Response Team stated that there was no evidence that the site had been vandalized or that anyone had even tried to attack it. Anonymous hackers say claim that they had also attacked the Computer Emergency Response Team’s website at an earlier point.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology released a statement in response to the protest and the claims of website vandalism from Anonymous. He said: “The claim that CERT-IN website was attacked and brought down by hackers is without any basis and at complete variance with the facts. The fact is that the website has been running continuously & uninterruptedly including the whole of today.”

A member of Anonymous also made a statement, saying: “We don’t want anything to be censored online because now-a-days the web is an effective tool to express thoughts and share things with others – be it through social networking or emails,” said a volunteer from the group. “Without Internet, people cannot be liberated,” added another participant from the group.

The minister was said to have shown Internet executives examples of obscene images found online that risked offending Muslims or defamed politicians, including his boss, the head of the ruling Congress party, Sonia Gandhi.

Earlier Anonymous, which protested against what it perceives web censorship in several Indian cities today evening, had claimed that it attacked and took down CERT-IN website. “This is your response team #india! They can’t even protect themselves. How will they protect others,” read a tweet from @opindia_revenge, the group’s Twitter handle. “We will keep attacking and ! #GOI, ready to face ups and downs?” said the hackers.

AUTHOR - Carlos Reyes

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