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Am I Bugged?

If you fear that your privacy may be compromised, we advise you contact immediately to schedule a Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) inspection, or “bug sweep”.

Read More within our A-Z guide of what to look for against covert eavesdropping and bugging.

Confidential trade secrets, professional and business information has been revealed to other parties.

B) Information relayed during corporate meetings and bidding’s are being integrated between competitors.

C) People are aware of your activities and conversations when they should not be.

D) You have discovered abnormal noises and volume inconsistencies on your phone lines and calls.

E) You also notice scratching, static or popping on your phone lines and calls.

F) Strange noises project from your phone or handset while it’s not in use.

G) Upon answering your phone there is no answer from another party or you hear squeals, beeps and odd pitches.

H) Your phone projects a tone while it is hung up and not in use.

I) Your AM/FM radio has developed strange interference’s.

J) There is an interference projecting from you car radio.

K) There is an interference projecting from your television, along with static.

L) You have been a victim of burglary but nothing was stolen.

M) Electrical outlet plates appear to be tampered with or jarred.

N) A dime-sized discoloration has appeared suddenly on the ceiling or wall.

O) A vendor or outside party has given you an electronic device as a gift for use. Examples include but are not limited to: alarm clocks, lamps, CD players,desk radios, small TV’s, etc.

P) Bumps or deformations newly presented in or near your floor.

Q) The clock, smoke detector or lamp has a hole in it or appears crooked.

R) Unfamiliar items have appeared in your office with no knowledge of how it got there.

S) Debris or drywall dust is present on the floor near wall surfaces.

T) You’ve noticed utility trucks and service workers (phone company trucks) spending a lot of time near your residence or place of business.

U) Cable, telephone, air conditioning and plumbing repairmen show up for servicing when no one has contracted them.

V) Uninhibited vehicles are parked for long periods of time near your residence or place of business.

W) Door locks which seem to be changed or no longer work at all.

X) Shifted furniture indicates eavesdropping devices and covert audio installations.

Y) Your belongings appear as if they have been rummaged through yet nothing seems to be missing.

Z) An eavesdropper sends you a copy of obtained, private conversations and material as an attempt to terrorize and/or blackmail you.



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Steps in How to Protect Myself from Bugging Devices