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About Bugged has discovered more illegal bugs and wiretaps than every other sweep team in the world combined. Over 65,000 illegal intercepts through bugs and wiretaps were found and documented in the Key Bank case alone, which is the largest case of illegal wiretapping in US history done by local, state and federal law enforcement. This illegal activity was discovered by Michael Peros of

Once upon a time…

In the past 30 years, technology and its equipment has moved forward by leaps and bounds. Nothing is as simple or as secure as it once was. A corporate executive used to be able to make a phone call with limited concern about wiretapping of the phone line. A wife in the midst of a divorce could speak to her lawyer in her home without a second thought about the potential of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s eavesdropping. Today, however, privacy is no longer sacred. Bugs and wiretapping equipment are easy to obtain and install. Your most private moments could be video recorded for all to see; your conversations could be recorded; even your corporate secrets could be exposed and out in the open. What can you do?

This is where can help with over 30 years of experience and technical expertise. We’re not just one option; we’re your only option. Our team of qualified technicians and surveillance experts use over a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of highly sophisticated electronic testing equipment and technical methods to find eavesdropping devices. Founder and Chief Technical Officer Michael Peros has crossed the globe from Jerusalem to Moscow and even to Shanghai on assignment, and has attained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. He was trained by the CIA’s top spy of 41 years. He has passed this same training along to his team, each of whom brings their own understanding and unique expertise of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – wiretapping and eavesdropping detection) into the field.

Mitigate risk; protect your assets and your future

There are several factors which can influence how much risk you are taking by making a phone call or sending an email. As a corporate executive, your knowledge on the inner workings of your company is exactly what rivals need to give them the competitive edge. Or worse, if they are eavesdropping in on that one big meeting, they could bury your company and eliminate you from the business game altogether. Don’t let your comfort zone get the best of you. Take action and defend your assets.

Another example could be you and your spouse are going through a divorce. There are many high powered attorneys working on both your cases. During your next phone call with one of your attorneys, the phone goes out for a brief second and then suddenly returns. What just happened? Did you temporarily lose service or has your spouse’s wiretap just started recording the conversation? How much did your spouse just hear of your private conversation with your attorney? Again, the question is what can you do if you feel your being bugged or wiretapping is taking place? Services are available USA Nationwide. We serve Alabama – AL, 
Alaska – AK, Arizona – AZ, 
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  • CEO of Dial Corporation and Premier Cruise Lines


    Great Work! Thank you Michael for finding the illegal eavesdropping device in my office. I am still amazed by how small the bug was in size. I now have the peace of mind of feeling safe in my own office.

  • Chief Investigator of the U.S. Inspector Generals Office, Washington, DC


    I was really impressed with for the findings of the thousands of wiretaps and bugs for the Key Bank case. This case is one of the greatest expose I have ever seen.

    -Chief Investigator of the U.S. Inspector Generals Office,
    Washington, DC

  • CEO of Airlines Pilot Association & Eastern Airlines


    Thanks to for the great work in detecting the illegal eavesdropping device at our Miami office. We couldn’t believe that there was a bug in our office and regret not acting sooner on our suspicions. Thanks for your help and we will use you again.

  • J. Steinman, Medical Industry


    When I suspected that the private conversations in my office were being listened to by an outside party, I began to worry about my intellectual property that was being leaked out of the office. I called and bug sweep agent patiently listened to my situation and explained how they could help me resolve my issue. I decided to go with a bug sweep of my offices and sure enough found multiple audio bugs on the premises. Thanks to for giving me the peace of mind and confirming my suspicions. I would definitely recommend Bugged to anyone needing their services.


Once has been commissioned for a TSCM sweep service, our team will locate those silent invading bugs or wiretaps located in your home, office, or vehicle. We work in homes, businesses, government facilities, any vehicles, landline telephones, cell phones, computer networks, and more. At, we believe that your business should stay your business, and we will provide the services and tools to accomplish that. Take control of your privacy and your life. Do not let yourself be the victim of a bugging or wiretapping device. We have been leading the way in privacy for over 30 years.

CALL NOW at 1-877-WIRETAP (877-947-3827) or email us at Contact Now The Pioneers of electronic privacy.

(Founder and Chief Technical Officer Michael Peros with an Israeli Special Forces Unit in the Golan Heights)

Does it seem as if everything is wired these days?

It really is. Due to increased public and corporate awareness, demand for technology has increased. We’re going into the new digital age, where everything is stored on a database. All cell phone activity and credit card transactions are being stored. We’re getting away from the cash society and going into the digital society.

How did you get into the TSCM business?

I was educated at the University of South Florida in mechanical engineering. From that point, I got involved in the electronic countermeasure business, which is what I currently do. It is communication security and technical surveillance. I also received training from one of the top technical spies for the CIA for 41 years and was their primary eavesdropper, as well as, an MIT graduate with the NSA, and Israeli intelligence.

Would people be surprised to find out how much big brother is watching?

I think people would be very surprised. At every major intersection, you’ll see multiple cameras installed for recording live video and even your conversations. A lot of that is being tied into the central database system for the Department of Transportation. Florida has one of the most advanced technical integrated systems in the union when it comes to monitoring, recording, and storing of public transportation areas.


Glenn Whidden see him in the video The Walls Have Ears with Michael Peros.


Michael is forever updating his education through telecommunications school, network command and control,and cryptography.
Glenn Whidden, the CIA’s top spy for over 40 years and their go-to guy for nearly all cases concerning electronic eavesdropping, wiretapping, and other methods of covert surveillance and counter surveillance, passed away on November 24th, 2011. He was the man who trained our lead technician, Michael Peros, in the ways of TSCM, Bug Sweeps, and Counter-Surveillance. We will always think of him as a mentor, pioneer, and friend.

Whidden wrote several books on the subject of spying and TSCM, including The Attack on Axnan HeadquartersHis work has taken him all over the United States, as well as to 50 other countries worldwide.

For more information, please click here.

Click here to read about the White Knight. 

“The Feds are not scared of ‘Guys Like You’” — Fed told guest speaker Michael Peros,
AKA White Knight at the DEF CON convention Las Vegas.

Michael Peros, AKA White Knight, steps up to tell us about illegal wiretap operations. He is, as it happens, an electronic countermeasure specialist and has run across a lot of illegal wiretapping. One September, a few years back, he got a call to sweep a facility in the lounge of a bank. This he did on Sunday, September 6th, and found a transmitting device on a payphone, which is illegal because you can’t “minimize” it. [Brief digression-legal wiretaps must be “minimized”-that is, law enforcement can’t listen in to or tape conversations that are not related to the criminal investigation at hand.] After he left, our hero had driven about 20 miles when he began to hear sirens. He stopped for gasoline and was suddenly surrounded by 8 cop cars, with police yelling in his face that they wanted their bug back, and threatening to arrest him. Among the jurisdictions involved-Tampa PD, the IRS, and the DEA. WK was more than willing to be arrested and to give his story, with a court reporter present. The cops said they didn’t want the media involved and he said “Why? Illegal wiretap?” At this point the cops started hemming and hawing and looking down at their feet-definite “guilty” body language. They cited WK anyway, because they had to have a reason to search his van to get the illegal bug back. Apparently this wiretap was part of an investigation into the Key Bank, in Florida, which in turn was a part of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) investigation. WK tells us that the investigation of Key Bank was politically motivated, and that despite 65,000 instances of illegal taps in the case, the only criminal activity that turned up (besides, of course, the illegal taps) was that someone made a cash deposit without filling out the appropriate IRS form. WK shows us the wiretap reporting for the Key Bank case. There is no prosecutor’s report-this is a violation of the law. WK tells us that Hillsborough County, Florida, seems to have more illegal wiretaps than anywhere else in the country. When WK went to investigate this case in more detail, he found that the State Attorney’s office had to be sued to release the supposedly “public” records relating to the case. In them, he found:

  • * the warrant for this wiretap was never signed,
  • * the docket number was altered, and
  • * no warrant in the entire case was dated by the judge.

The point of all this? Even though there are strict laws governing wiretaps, law enforcement and government do not follow these laws, and are not accountable. The documents show that the warrant for the bug he discovered was applied for on September 11th, 5 days after he was cited with the traffic ticket mentioned above-thus, the bug was certainly in place before a warrant was ever applied for. Even more interesting, perhaps, is that the date on the bug application is one month after the date on the following docket number. This seems to be further evidence that the bug warrant was obtained after the bug was found and slipped into the normal run of dockets by (rather amateurish, it would seem) falsification of the docket number. It should be mentioned that altering a federal document is a felony. Mailing an altered federal document, as law enforcement did in this case, in response to WK’s allegations, is mail fraud.

WK filed a complaint with the Governor’s office; however, this was never investigated. He filed a criminal complaint with Congress, the Treasury Department (“overseers” of the ATF), and other appropriate federal agencies. Congress referred him to the FBI Field Office in Tampa. This, however, turned out to be a dead end, as the FBI agent assigned to the case personally knew all the “defendants” and, as we all know, all cops stick together. In fact, the FBI agent tried to interrogate WK. As it happens, WK let him have it with both barrels, telling the agent that he was tampering with a witness for Congress, and could be incarcerated for his actions.

Peros, with personal friend Adi Shamir, co-inventor of the RSA algorithim, and world-renowned cryptogropher.

At this point WK wrote a letter to Louis Freeh (director of the FBI) outlining the situation. Mr. Freeh’s response? That the wiretaps were fully adjudicated and the defendants were dismissed; further investigation would not be in the public interest. Uh huh. WK next wrote a letter to Senator Grassley to file a complaint on Louis Freeh. This received no response. So basically he went as far as he could, and no one in government was the least bit interested in following up these allegations.

WK estimates the extent of these activities as being 181 days of illegal wiretaps on a bank with no minimizing. Think about that – law enforcement could listen in to find out your bank balance, and any financial transactions you might make, whether or not you were under investigation for this case. Thirty-eight cops were involved from US Customs, DEA, IRS, and the Sheriff’s Departments of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, among other jurisdictions. Total cost of this “exercise in fascism” is estimated at $181,547. Corruption, including a cover up, mail fraud, and obstruction of justice seems to involve not only the law enforcement agents mentioned above but also the Florida State Attorney, Assistant State Attorneys, the Judge presiding over this case, and indeed probably goes all the way up to Louis Freeh.

Peros (center) with Phil Zimmerman (right), founder of Pretty Good Privacy, the most widely used email encryption software in the world, and Bruce Shneier (left), American cryptogropher and computer security specialist.

Peros, AKA the “White Knight,” standing at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia.

In closing, since the US Government was not willing to hold a trial in this matter, White Knight asks us to serve as a jury, trying the law enforcement agents, and Louis Freeh, based on the evidence he has presented. The audience finds all law enforcement involved guilty on all counts. Oh, and just an amusing afterthought – WK’s traffic ticket was dismissed.

For the whole story, please click here for the White Knight speech at Defcon 6.

Peros standing in front of the famed Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Peros standing in front of the famed Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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