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How You Can Protect Yourself from Hidden Cameras

How You Can Protect Yourself from Hidden Cameras

spy-cam-for-blog.jpg Hidden camera technology is growing and becoming more advanced every single day. Hidden cameras once only existed in the world of espionage thrillers, but now they are everywhere. If you believe that you are the target of a hidden camera, do not worry. Just as hidden camera technology is becoming more advanced, so are the ways that you can protect yourself from them.

33 year old Joshua Waguespack has recently been accused of secretly recording two students as they undressed and changed their clothing. According to investigators, Waguespack, a Catholic school teacher, place hidden cameras disguised as pens in a storage closet where students would go to change their clothing. While this is a truly disturbing story, perhaps the most disturbing part is that it can happen anywhere at any time. Hidden cameras have become readily accessible to anyone to wants them. These cameras are also very cost-effective, with some very high-end cameras being no more than a few hundred dollars.

But not to worry, there are also several devices on the market that will allow you to protect yourself from these threats. Bug and wiretap detection technology has become more compact and easier to use, so you can now protect yourself. Devices range in their functionality and uses, with some devices designed to be just as covert as the bugs they’re designed to find. Other devices are very technical and will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of any bugging device in your home or office.

Even if a certain camera has self-contained recording, such as the ones used by Waguespack, there are devices available on the market today that can easily find them. It does not matter if a device is on, off, wired, or wireless, there are devices available that can find them.

Now, in addition to these bug and camera detecting devices, there are also service providers who will come to your home or office and scan it for any kind of bug or wiretapping device. But finding the right kind of service provider is important. Make sure that when you pick a service provider, you pick the one who has the most training and expertise, such as the technicians at Whether you choose a product or commission us for a service, you will get your peace of mind back.

Experts say it’s important to recognize what hidden cameras look like. They come in all different shapes and even very small sizes, “This little camcorder that can be planted in a wall. This little smiley face that has a little button. The pen cameras are all the same, the lens is mounted above the clip it’s made to be worn in the pocket.” Knowing what to look for is half the battle, “It doesn’t take much research to know what to look for.”

Experts say you should also be aware of how a brand name on items like clocks are spelled. If it’s incorrect, there’s most likely a hidden camera inside. Because it’s behind tint, a detector will not pick up the lens.

AUTHOR - Michael Peros

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